Welcome to HOTGLUE!
Your Content Manipulation System is ready to go!

A short intro before you start:

1. Right now you are in editing mode. You can use single and double click to access the menus - they will appear next to the mouse pointer. 2. Click on the canvas (white background of the page) to open a menu which will let you create new objects, upload files and embed YouTube and Vimeo videos! Once you made an object click on it to activate its contextual menu. 3. Double-click on the canvas will give you a menu of options to change preferences, show a grid, make new pages, set background picture and more! 4. Remove "edit" from the address of the page (the URL) to see the "view-only" version. That's how your page will look to everyone else! 5. To get back to editing mode add "edit" to the URL of the page.
(for example: https://hotglue.me/demo/edit)

We recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox browser when editing in HOTGLUE. Firefox is a very reliable and modern web-browser, it is our favorite!

You can find more information on how to work with HOTGLUE on our web-site. Make sure to check out "What is HOTGLUE?" and "How to HOTGLUE?" pages!

Enjoy! [click this message to make it go away]